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First, A Story from the Founder's Side

As a contractor for the past 20 years...

I (Nathan - or Nate Seiling) know what it is like to dig the foundation, put the roof on and everything in between. At the age of 10, I programmed my first computer and at 13, I built my first house with my dad. In high school, I took both the computer path as well as the construction path and after high school I did a lot of construction work, then sales for electronic stores, then sales for automotive, and then back into the construction trade.

When I had my own construction company, I knew the pain of doing quotes late into the evening and on the weekends. It was always a challenge to let the workers know what was included and what was not included. Later, I was brought on to the largest construction company in our area as a project manager. I loved the chaos, but hated the repeated need to do quotes from scratch. I knew there had to be a better way, and hence Quote Kong was born.

It took me 4 years of watching every step of the process - what was important and what was not - then a full year of full time work building this solution. During that time, I went through entrepreneurship courses in Guelph, Communitech (in Waterloo) and many, many online courses. I have always loved tech, but for the main purpose of being efficient. I also love helping others in whatever way I can and I hope we can help you.

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Nate seiling - ex-contractor/programmer

Nate is the founder and CEO of Quote Kong. As a former contractor he saw an opportunity to make the quoting process faster and easier and has been working on it tirelessly since 2015.

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Troy Treleaven - Vp

Troy is VP of Quote Kong and the owner of the Dale Carnegie Business Group. He has helped with sales, marketing, and development to bring Quote Kong to what it is today.


kris chambers - lead programmer

Kris is the lead Developer and an essential part of software development. With a complicated process such as quoting, Kris and Nate are consistently working to make the system the best it can be and make sure it can do everything you want it to.

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Shawn McCadden

Shawn is a nationally-known remodeling industry speaker, business trainer, columnist and award-winning remodeler. As a Certified Remodeler, Certified Lead Carpenter, and RRP Certified Renovator Instructor McCadden has more than 35 years of personal experience in the remodeling and new home construction industries, including building and selling his own employee managed design/build remodeling business.


Daniel Andrade

Daniel's been with Quote Kong since late 2016. He has a background in sales as well as experience in membership development and helps to bring Quote Kong to contractors.

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Melanie Hodgdon - Contractor Accounting Expert

Melanie is a construction business management specialist. She helps contractors, remodelers, and construction tradespeople understand their costs, price their work to make a profit, and bring their business under control. She understands the special needs of these companies and creates custom solutions for each in preference to imposing “one size fits all” packages.

From startup companies with $400,000 in volume to established companies in the $10-15 million range, those in a rapid growth phase to those in the process of downsizing, Melanie has provided best practices and down-to-earth advice for over two hundred companies.

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ethan - sales

Ethan has had different sales experiences as well as selling for a local construction company. He has seen the pain and time it takes to put quotes together.


Marconi - programming

Marconi joined us through an internship and has been a valuable team member building out the some of the unseen items that are important to what we are doing here.


Louise Renshaw

Louise is the onboarding coordinator, so once you decide to sign up for Quote Kong she is the one who helps you get it all set up. She is very detail-oriented and helps make the transition smooth.


CEO - Chief entertainment office

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